Languages spoken at reception: French and English

Qualité Tourisme approved

Le Grand-Pressigny Prehistory Museum is involved in the Qualité Tourisme system for Loire Valley visitor attractions.

QUALITÉ TOURISME™ is a brand by the Ministry of Tourism. Professionals approved by the brand implement a rigorous quality system and their services are regularly inspected by independent bodies. They provide a quality service to fulfil visitor expectations. They are customer-focused with a commitment to being professional and providing: warm and friendly hospitality, clear and accurate information, clean and comfortable spaces, knowledge of the region.

Parking facilities

  • Bike park
  • Car park
  • Bus parking
  • Mobilehome parking

Disabled visitor facilities

Disabled-friendly museum

  • Disabled-friendly tours
  • Wheelchair available to borrow
  • Seat stick available to borrow
  • Hearing-impaired trail

Browse all our disabled-friendly services here.

For parents

  • Pushchair area
  • Changing area
  • Bottle warmer

Other services

  • Bag locker
  • Accepted payment methods: cash, cheque, credit card (minimum €1 – contactless payment prefered), holiday cheque (without change), YEP’S (without change), voucher
  • No pets allowed
  • Picnic area

Nearby: Places to eat, stay and Tourist Information in the town.

Gift shop

The gift shop in the reception building sells a wide range of prehistoric-themed items: children’s games, postcards, personalised souvenirs of the museum and more.

Accueil vélo

Le Grand Pressigny Prehistory Museum is involved in the Accueil Vélo project.

3 river trail – loop n°9

Museum cellars range between 16 and 18°C in temperature.