Le Grand-Pressigny Prehistory Museum has been approved as disabled-friendly by Tourisme & Handicap since 2010 and has visitor resources to enhance disabled visitors’ experience.

Wheelchair users

The entire museum is wheelchair-friendly:

  • disabled parking spaces next to the museum
  • 2 wheelchairs available on request at the reception
  • disabled-friendly ticket office
  • lift access to different floors
  • disabled toilets
  • relaxating areas and benches

People with hearing impairment

  • hearing loop at reception
  • disabled-friendly tours on request

People with learning difficulties

  • appropriate signage (text and image)
  • disabled-friendly tours on request

Information and booking: grandpressigny@departement-touraine.fr / Tel: +33(0)2 47 94 90 20

Contact person: Frédéric DEMOUCHE / fdemouche@departement-touraine.fr